Grabbing machines, batch and continuous decatising machines, steam relaxing machines, R.F. fabric conditioning machines
Coating, laminating, impregnating and thermobonding machines
Fabric handling, guiding equipment. Automatic rope openers, pad-mangles.
Ultrasonic slitting and sealing equipment
Hydoextractors for packaged dyed yarns
Dye package winders, cone to cone and hank to cone winding machines, Reeling machines
Calenders & compactors, press knitted fabric for finishing. Turning machines and batching machines
Raising & shearing machines, wet and dry sueding machines. Scarf machines (fringing, slitting, cross-cutting)
Garment dyeing, washing and drying machines
Batchwise and continuous wet processing machines for washing, de-sizing, scouring, milling, and handle modification
Fabrics dyeing machines, including jets, jigs and beam dyeing. Specialised finishing machines
Fibre to yarn dyeing machines. Fully automatic robotized dyehouses for stock, tops, yarn packages and hanks
Radscan Intervex
Exhaust emission and effluent controls/ heat recovering systems for the textile industry.
Drying machines for knitted fabrics, steaming machines for printing

Radio frequency dryers
Stenters and fenters, for fabrics, coating heads and coating lines, drum dryers
Inspection and packaging machines
Preparation and sewing machines for the fabric finishing industry